Tummy fat

Today I am going to tell you how to lose your tummy fat now days everyone wants to look slim &sexy for that you have to work on your body so today i m going to tell you some exercises through which your belly fat gets erased in less than 1 month .for losing your belly fat you have to follow a proper sequence of diet because only 20%­30% of workout Effects body and more than 50% depends on your diet.

So here I am telling you the best exercises for your fatty TUMMY and get perfect shape of your Tummy.

  1. Planks : it burns the extra belly Fat from your body.


  1. Side Crunches: it burns the fat From side which makes your belly Look slimmer.3
  1. Cross Crunches: it helps you to Give a thinner belly Heel touches: it cut downs your Side fat.4


  1. Walking & Running: for making your belly look slimmer you should run for more than 15 Mints a day.5

5. Cycling: it Helps in burning your Lower tummy.


  1. Hill Climbing: it’s the most loving Exercise of bodybuilders Single knee raise7

7. Crunch: it burns Lower tummy fat and gives.