Strong Athletic Man showing six pack abs.

Most important workout all bodybuilder does. The most common question asked in gym is how much you bench? For heavy chest workout you should have a good quality of Strength, train yourself for your rotator cuffs. Chest exercise includes 2 exercise more in itself.

1) Shoulders

2) Triceps

There are 2 types of workout high volume& low volume: they both are Dependent on each other. Hormone growth is main agenda.


This image will help you to understand the value or importance of Particular exercise.

Here we have Some most important exercises are:


  • Flat road, incline road
  • Incline chest press, decline chest press
  • Incline decline dumbbell press
  • Butterfly, chest press
  • Squeeze press
  • Dips

These are some most important exercise from which you will definitely Have your dream chest.