Get the best Thai Shape  


It’s a day when you train your lower body until you cry you should never Ever skip a leg day leg day is a best type of workout which pumps up your Whole body it gives strength, power& boost up your body, ya I know it’s Quite difficult but it’s good for your body.

                                                        Some common exercise of leg day are

1) Lunges

2) front/back squats

3) Leg extension

4) Calf

5) Seated leg curl

6) Deadlifts

7) Pullup



There are 2 types as you know:

*loosing Thai fat

*gaining Thai fat


How to loose thigh fat Do squats more: two types of squats are there front and back

“do 4 sets and in each set 8­12 reps are compulsory”

Do lunges more: take 4­8kg dumbbells do more reps for each leg, side by Side.

Cycling: it’s the best way to reduce Thai weight and it’s also help in Flattering tummy.

Exercise to gain mass hip and Thai



Do variety of squats or do more types of squats: it will help you to Grow you muscle Thai.

Do variety of lunges or do mix lunges

Hamstrings: after all hamstrings are the most important part of legs.