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What is bodybuilding?

The use of proper progressive resistance exercise to control and Develop one’s musculature or in other words you can also say That it’s a proper mixture of exercise and diet because bodybuilding Is not all about exercise it’s more than half depends on your Diet, 70% of diet 20% of workout and 10%  genetics these three things Make bodybuilding a perfect word.


Bodybuilding improves your internal negative vibes or mood Swings, bodybuilding mainly consist of aerobics, weight Training, muscle training which helps you to release “endorphin” a Very strong brain chemical which mainly influence your mood System. Bodybuilding reduces the risk of heart disease. “Bodybuilding and weight training doesn’t. It offers a multitude of health benefits” but when it Comes to steroid proper care is very essential in that for example You take extra dose for an organ enlargement its will harm you Take as much as needed, but if you regularly workout without any Steroid it will surely help you to reduce your heart disease Because you will burn your calories and that will help you to Lower you cholesterol and will increase your blood regulation And oxygen from which you will help much better as compared to Early time.




Bodybuilding was firstly developed in late 19th century in England By the father of bodybuilding “Eugen sandow” a German Bodybuilder he’s the only one who started bodybuilding but in Present as you all know how much your generation is attracted Toward bodybuilding each of us wants to look sexier cooler want Abs ,back, chest etc.…