Get Relief Form Lower Back Pain

More than half of century is suffering from back pain now days it’s a common problem which everyone is facing. Your style of living has a big influence on your back and a correct posture can help you in getting relief from back pain, help you prevent future Problems for that, you should have healthy habits such as a good diet, stretching and exercising.


Make these tips a part of your treatment

  • Having a proper healthy weight: weight problem is now days so common that everyone faces because of eating unnecessary fatty food burgers hot-dog etc.
  • Lift properly: while lifting heavy weight if you miss your posture then back pain occurs.
  • Stretching: after every workout stretching is very necessary for your back it reduces the Risk of back pain.
  • Push-ups: it will help your whole body to recover from muscle pain.
  • Do not wear high heels: if you are suffering from back pain do not wear heels it will directly harm your lower back.


  • Being overweight: it gives excess stress on your spine.
  • Side planks: this will a lot help you to reduce your back pain
  • Standing hamstrings stretch.

By making use of these exercise you will surely get relief from your back pain.