12 Exercises for Height Gain



We all know that height is determined by genetic factors, it is also influence by the diet and exercise system, mainly growth stop at sudden age after crossing puberty age your growth stops but some people after crossing the age of puberty but growth does not stop at all it increase till the age of 25 and so on…

For increasing your height, I am going to tell you some exercises for better result you should practice these exercise regularly 2­3 times a week.


1)      Bar Hanging: This Helps You To Increase Height By 1­3 Inches But It Takes Time.

2)      Dry Land Swim: This Works on Your Lower Back.

3)      Cobra Stretch: This for Stretching Of Your Spine.

4)      Standing Vertical Stretch.

5)      Straight Legs Up.

6)      Downhill.

7)      The Table.

8)      Alternate Leg Kick

9)      Swimming

10)   Running

11)   Rope Skipping

12)   Basketball

height increasment