Legs Pain Recovery Exercise

Sometimes pain in the leg is due to inflammation, that are found in the legs itself including bones, muscles, joints, tendons, blood vessels, nerves.

When we work hard in the gym then somehow it damages or cause microscopic damage to your muscles fiber which is the main reason or cause for the pain. And the muscles also suffers from stiffness and soreness.


The two types of pain:

  • Hamstrings pain: there are 3 grades of pain in hamstrings 1 grade pain gets relief in 3-5 days,2 grade pain gets relief in 5-10 days and 3rd grade pain gets relief in 15-1 month stretching and healing can help in getting relief and some exercise also helps in getting off from pain.

leg pain exercises

  • Quadriceps pain:



Stretching will help you in getting relief from pain !