A best workout for your butt

For big butts or small butts, I am going to tell you some most exercise which is used by both of them.

Sumo squats: the sumo squats are the lower body part strength, power exercise .in this the use of heavy loads as compared to normal squats. Stand or open your feet’s wider than your shoulders and yours toes should be turned out slightly.

  • Split lunges : The split lunges is a very good exercise for your lower body the basic forward lunges is the main starting for this exercise and then do split lunges it has many benefits on your lower body.


  • Walking lunges: walking lunges are a very good exercise for your lower body it gives strength, power and building serval muscles which includes thighs, glutesl and hamstrings.


  • Cossack’s squats: the Cossack squats are those squares which you descend with your most off weight on your one legs as compared to other leg while doing Cossack squats keep other leg out straight to another side. That is known as Cossack squats.


  • Kickback: this kickback focus on glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings for this exercise, an exercise mat is necessary.


  • Dead-lift: a lift which is made from standing position without use of any bench or any other equipment’s. That is known as dead-lift.


  • Hip lifts: it is a good exercise for your butt keep your butt off the floor while keep you’re back straight and lift yourself upward.

hip ups