Legs-Thai & shoulder Exercises For weight loss

It’s a day when you train your lower body until you cry you should never ever skip a leg day leg days a best type of workout which pumps up your whole body it gives strength, power& boost up your body, yes I know it’s quite difficult but it’s good for your body.
Some common exercise of leg day are:

Legs-Thai & shoulder workout
1) Lunges
2) front/back squats
3) Leg extension
4) Calf
5) Seated leg curl
6) Deadlifts
7) Pullup

Shoulders workout

shoulder The upper joint of each of person’s arms and the part of the body between his / her neck is known as shoulders Having a good shoulder will automatically enhanced your personality

thai exercises

By seeing this image you can clearly understand how shoulder workout affects the whole body
So there are some important exercise which will help you:
• Front dumbbell
• Arnold press
• Single arm cable reverse
• Barbell shoulder press
• Front plate raise
• Lying delt raise
• Front cable raise

workout sept
Mix these exercises and it will surely work on your body and help you to reduce your weight.